Sunday, March 9, 2008

Big Z Is Watching You


To my fellow brothers and minions. It has come to my attention that many are not familiar with our Zilosophy and require re-education. The Ministries are working hard on this monumental task. Here are a few of the actions being taken.

1) The Ministry of Truth shall issue a memo with the following message: "We have always been at war with the East. All great code was written by Zibri (even if it wasn't). The Dev Team has always stolen Zibri's work (even if they didn't)."
2) The Ministry of Peace shall continue adding new banwords, such as iPlus, to the ZiBot, to prevent uprisings and insurrections. Anyone inciting the minions on IRC to use iPlus shall be kicked or killed, then arrested. Winston Smith shall be revising our earlier list.
3) The Ministry of Love shall employ the Thought Police as spies to uproot anyone remotely considering the use of iPlus. Those found guilty of thoughtcrime shall be taken to Room 101 and have their faces chewed off by rabid zebras if they do not recant. All must accept Big Z as their only love, or die.


Michael said...

Great blog!
I really enjoy your posts!
Keep it up.

And where is the donate button ;)

Patrick said...

you also have a problem with your PayPal and getting an iTouch ?
If yes, look for someone to get you the right code to put the effective link behind the buttom ...

Patrick said...
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Will said...

Haha this post was awesome. I'm reading that book right now (1984)

roc said...

dude, winston smith was the chancellor in 'V for Vendetta'. he became big brother! i guess what happened in room 101 worked, lol.