Sunday, March 2, 2008

Why I Rule

People keep asking me why I'm so great. How I got to be so amazing, and all that. So I'm here to set the record straight, and tell you why I rule.

Seriously, if you don't get it, you're an idiot.

No one knows you like I know you. I know the real you. I PWN you. No matter what those idiots on iPhone Dev Team say. Yeah, I PWN your ass. Don't you forget it.



Cusoon959 said...

Zibri! Ahmahgawd! Your source code copy/paste skills make you the best hacker around! And all those leaked barely-working exploits... that was class!

ZibriZ said...


You have been misled by the Dev Team bullshits. Their code was excellent before I leaked it, but those typos are my signature. My fans love them. I will be nice to you this time because I hear you are young and cute. But if you challenge me again, I will make you a ban word. You are warned!



Alex said...

Zibri: Cagati in mano e prenditi a schiaffi!

Cusoon959 said...

Ah I see... your signature is very recognizable then. Is namaste another way to say 'I steal shit'?

yashasvi said...

Hey zibri,
Hows the zishit going..... Ye know that
I hate u , u know that ur a lil pussy, u know u
stole the code...., do why the fuck do u deny it...
and by the way cusoon and me both would be honoured
to have our manes as banwords at ur zipoop server....,
y2s is yashasvi...=$

P.s . ... Namaste is a Hindi word of great respect...,,. It is a word that is used to honour our elders ...,,, PLs do not. Misuse it zibri fit the word from ur mouth would be shamefull ....... Like u I too wouldn't mind starting a lawsuits against u....,, for misuse of Indian tradition
zibri....... I speak on behalf of the dev team and the community when j say u suck!!!!!!!!

Droide said...

wtf???? zibri...this blog is ridiculous really...

Don Trammell said...

Any chance someone can post proof of anything or will it be the typical school boy back and forth crap. All I know is this. My phone was unlocked in 4 minutes. Anyone match this or the safety involved in it? Didn't think so. So until you can, put up or shut the fuck up. And by all means, grow up. When puberty kicks in, go and try something new. Get a girl. See what that is like.

Asa said...

Dude, your phone was unlocked in 4 minutes, and your WiFi MAC address is now Z:i:b:r:i. You got pwned, bitch.