Sunday, March 2, 2008

Dev Team Fake Firmwares

Z00L said:
I challenge you!! Let's make it a dare!
Incorporate an unassigned custom firmware with the next version of ziphone. You can even put your pretty picture at boot.
Surely you can easily do it since it's using the exploit "you found".
ROTFLMAO!!! That video is as fake as my big balls. Only my exploit can modify the bootloaders. I proved it with ZiPhone. But that is USELESS now. Apple has patched it, and only my new version will be able to get iTunes to accept unsigned data. That is the trick of my Zibri.dat. Next week I release ZiPhone 2.6. Even if today I said 2.5 was perfect, 2.6 is better. It only takes one line of shell script to modify the bootloader. But only I know the key. And only I know where it is. That's why I am great!

BULLSHITS Dev Team. If you did what I tell you, you will not have this problem. Now there is no Dev Team. There is no Z00L. There is only Zibri.


Cusoon959 said...

Z00L is god :O

ZIE said...


n0witzness said...


fucks that zebra ^___^

Chronic Productions said...

Dude are you kidding me you found NOTHING MuscleNerd found the key!