Tuesday, March 4, 2008

BeetleJuice, BeetleJuice, BeetleJuice


People on my channel keep asking why they cannot say some words on my IRC channel, so I am telling you here. Do not forget it. I will ban you if you repeat these words 3 times (or maybe 5, I'm still learning to count). Your phone will brick if you do not listen. That is not my fault. Nothing is ever my fault. Only yours. Here is your list.

1. GeoHot (because he made my unlock, and you should not know)
2. zjlotto (because he makes better tools than I do)
3. George (because it is GeoHot's name and George zjlotto's name)
4. Dev Team (because they made AnySim, which I stole)
5. pumpkin (because he is on Dev Team, and his Italian is better than mine, even if he is not Italian)
6. MuscleNerd (because he made the fake blank bootloader, plus he knows my dirty secrets from Elite team)
7. iNdependence (because it is the best iPhone unlocking software on earth)
8. iClarified (because it will unlock your phone too)
9. http:// or www. or .com (because knowledge is power, and only I should have that)
10. hackint0sh or hackintosh or osx86.hu (because they do not censor, and your ignorance is my bliss)
11. sunnyDlite (because she is wonderful and she MADE me *like* her by using her Jedi mind tricks on me)
**All other juices will be banned on my next ZiBot update, just in case.

I am the God of the iPhone. I know all. Even 2000 years ago, I was giving warnings like this one:

"Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." 
- John 8:32

That is a bad thing. Just like the fake blank bootloader and the evil colored Apple logo. Evil entered the world when Eve ate that apple. Now go back to your caves and do not come out until summoned. Do not listen to anything anyone says. EVER.


n0witzness said...

rofl - dude, this is by far the most entertaining blog on the internet! :D

Ortner said...

Can I have a wheelchair?

Cusoon959 said...

No one needs to know about who wrote the unlock! That's just stupid and closed minded. All that matters is who wrote the spaghetti-code GUI!


ZibriZ said...


You can have a wheelchair. But I'll be wanting those donations I gave you back.