Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hello World

Today I spent the day looking at my pretty server info and I made a great discovery! I found out who has been downloading ZiPhone from Seattle!

I knew you were my fan Bill. I know everything. I saw that movie about Sillicon Valley Pirates. I'm just like you. Yeah. I talked to Jobs today, I told him he was a loser. I told him he hasn't done squat for the past 20 years. Then I invited him to join my team. Just because I'm a good guy. But he's a loser, so now I'm asking you, Bill.

Want to join my team? You don't really care if I steal your code, right? Or that I never pay for my copies of Windows, do you? I mean, why would anyone pay for Windows?! Join me Bill. You won't be too sorry. I'll even give you 10% of my donations. That's a lot of money, so you better hurry Bill. If you turn me down, I'll go ask LinuX TorvaldZ.  :D


Cusoon959 said...

Yes! Bill Gates + ZibriZ == more bricks than ever before.

I like where this is going.

Charlie the unicorn said...

Seems that someone stealed the code from devteam faster than you...what's happening here ?:P

BTW it does not brick the phone, but works only with the new firmware, so you are still the king of the hill ^_^