Friday, March 7, 2008

Zustice! The Code To End All Code

Sorry to my fans for being so quiet on my IRC server lately. I've been busy working on the ZDK with Bill. But I finally got that C++ book that charlie_the_unicorn recommended. I thought a book called "C++ for Dummies" had to be hard, but the first chapter was a piece of cake! I didn't even need to write "hello world" or anything. Just a few hard commands like ctrl-C and ctrl-V. Dude! I PWNED it!

This work should end all arguments about my brilliance. About my great ability to steal good code when I see it, and modify it quickly for my evil ways. That'll teach that stupid Zf_  guy to stop posting on those hackint0sh forums! Like I always say, "No credit shall be given, even when credit is due."

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