Saturday, March 8, 2008

iSteal iSolitaire, iBlackjack, iEverything

I love beautiful things. They remind me of myself. Especially wiggly icons and little cards on screens that wiggle as if on speed. Wheeeeeeeee! But most importantly, I enjoy not paying for those beautiful things. Why should I pay? I invented the idea of wiggling and wishywashing. People should pay ME. Why? Because I work very hard at stealing (almost as hard as I work trying to get donations). Just like today, when I gave my #ziphone channel members my h4x0r3d copy of iBlackjack.

You don't think I stole it? Read my lips! err, my log:

[12:13] hey Zibri
[12:13] <zibri> so..
[12:13] <bart> can you tell geeb please
[12:13] <worldcup82> hi zibri
[12:13] <zibri> look what i have "found":
[12:13] <bart> Zibri today i was going to 1.1.4 then jailbreak only my iphone it works perfect with 2.5c
[12:14] <bart> so whats the problem all ppl say not take 2.5c with 1.1.4
[12:14] <zibri> the author of that program did something i didn't like at all: he put a donate button in the program.. but he also put a hidden expiration... now he will seel it on itunes..
09:14] <zibri> i liked that program so much i was really going to donate
[12:14] <zibri> fortunately I didn't do it
[12:14] <worldcup82> hmm thats not nice
[12:14] <bart> hehe
[12:14] <bart> why
[12:15] <worldcup82> because hes selling out
[12:15] <zibri> and now "someone" removed the expiratuion... what a coincidence! i wonder who was that someone :D

Someone better go tell that guy at that he'll be PWN'd next!


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