Monday, March 3, 2008

Borg Thoughts From My Inner-Mind

Hey Jobs!

I read your blog about the Borg and how Vista blows up in their face. You think they're stupid Jobs, but you're wrong. I watch Star Trek. I know. The Borg want to win. They want to PWN. But Vista is not good enough.

Look at ZiPhone. Notice how my beautiful spaghetti code makes more and more bricks everyday. Right now, maybe they just have no WiFi. But I keep coding. I keep improving. And they keep coming. Just look at my stats Jobs. Yeah. They love me. I'm building a Villa up in Cinque Terre with all those bricks.

You see? I'm even smarter than you, Jobs. I'm smarter than Borg. Keep sending me those iPhones and we'll see who rulz.



fluffless said...

Hahah this is the funniest thing ever!

I <3 you. (will you please borrow me some of those bricks so that I can build a new house as well? KTHX)

K¤f§t€ß said...

Dude, I eh go lie. I really like you.
I knew that computer guys have a sense of humor but this is just plain funny! And the more important part of it is there is truth in what you say!
But I like this new blog. It is a perfect mix of sarcasm, satire, humor, facts and comically, confidently expressed opinions.
Keep up the good work with the ZiPhone!

Charlie the unicorn said...

another brick in the wall.....

Pink Floyd loved Zibri way before knowing that the iphone would exist and be bricked :D

I think that Steve is making so much money with the bricks that he doesn't really care.

Go ziphone! ^_^

Cusoon959 said...

Zibri... you are amazing! All this spaghetti code, the bricked iPhones. Come to think of it, it's all the user's fault. Even though your interface is point and click, it's THEIR fault that their bootloaders are being downgraded. It's what they need anyways. Who cares about a few bricked phones?

sinViper said...

I'm with you charlie. We need more unlocks, more bricks, more ziphone. more, more, more!

ZibriZ said...


I am pleased that you have seen the light, and the darkness therein. Only a few more steps and you will achieve complete enlightenment. Then you will be welcome to join my l33t t33m