Friday, March 21, 2008

I Found My Monies

Thanks for worrying about me so much, and for all those deposits into my Swiss bank account. As soon as I figure out how to dual boot my brain, I can recover the password Jason stole, and get my millionz.

The problem with Google was all their fault. They gave bad informations on Wikipedia, about charitable causes. I know that's what I am, and that's why I deserve those public service announcements. Just because my site is Made For Adsense doesn't make all those clicks made by the ZiBot invalid. That's just BULLSHITS! Those clicks are generated whenever someone is kicked from my channel. That's perfectly valid!

It's going to be so easy to PWN Google! I'm even using their own search engine against them. I know all about AdSense already. Now I'm working on Common Sense, Sense and Sensibility, and all the other Senses. My final and ultimate PWN will be NonSense! It's a brand new search engine that re-directs all traffic to my blog, and makes you donate until you quit the browser.  Until it's ready, stop holding your donations, and send me something off Zibri's Amazon Wishlist