Monday, March 3, 2008

H4x0rs Get the GirlZ

I have many fans on my IRC channel. Half of them are FBI, the other half are Dev Team, the other half are gay boys who love me, and the last half are h0t chiX. Yeah. That's alot of halfs, but who's counting? I'm half-female. It works out. I let them share me. Even Jobs comes to my channel. Don't deny it.

I keep telling my fanboyz. "I never brick your phones. It's gotta be all those other programs you ever used. All those programs from Dev Team." Works just like the Jedi mind trick. I tell them what they think and they think it. Because I'm powerful. Yeah. I warned them. Even today in my IRC channel. I said they could show their ZiPhone to their girlfriends, but the side-effect was that their girlz would fall in love with me. But it was too late. Bill didn't get my warning before he ZiPhoned. Now I've got the hottest chick in the free world and she says my cigars are better than Bill's.

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