Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Perfect NonSense Code

I have achieved the one-ness and perfection of Namaste! My two beautiful girlfriends, that you can see here, are in love with my newest product. The Zoogle NonSense server is finally here!

I have a new l33t team, and an amazing new website that is so good, it doesn't even need pictures on it! You can join too. Coding skillZ are not required. Speaking in full sentences is not required. Bathing, brushing your teeth, or washing your clothes is also not required. All you have to do is be my mindless minion and worship the ground I walk on. That will be easy for you, because I'm so great!

Now the surprise is revealed! For the source to my greatness, go look at my new site.



Michael said...


love it!

espacially your app for the iphone.

but it is not perfect yet!

ohh master, please copy and paste this, because maybe it will make your code near perfekt!

alex said...


What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. I am really sexy
2. I write ZiPhone
3. All your girlfriends want to sleep with me

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
I expected they would love me, but I want them to take off their clothes and dance like pokemons.

pls pls pls pls u have to write more here...I'm laughing my ass of :)

Zibri said...

You guys are great and I love you :)

This site is a proof of how much you love me and I thank you :)

alex said...

you are such a little lamer media whore :P

WaCkO(tm) said...


roflamo! makes me *want* to get off ms-windows platform..

Copyright (c) Microsoft 1981
GetMemory ();
IF Mem_Size>640kb;
set HiMem=No;
MsgBox ("I dont need more than 640kb of memory, disallowing high memory area")

MsgBox ("Memory Corrupted A20 Gate")

Boot_Device=0 //360kb floppy fd0
Prompt="sh!tbox 3.3:"

zibri said...

I see you accuse "zibri" of being a "infamous theif" (sic). Agreed, and add stealing nicknames to the list.